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A Night at the Ballpark

Tuesday, September 8th, 2009

He's out!With the Labor Day weekend behind us, and kids headed back to school, the official end of summer is upon us, even as the weather has finally settled into a delightful pattern of warm and sunny days. In the waning days of summer, Leah and I, along with our friend Deb and hundreds of other SUNY Oneonta employees, spent an evening at Oneonta’s Damaschke Field, home to the NY-Penn League Oneonta Tigers. The Tigers were playing the Brooklyn Cyclones that evening, and racked up another loss that contributed to their late-season slide out of the playoffs.

Oneonta Tigers pitcher hurls the ball towards the plate

All in all, however, the score was close at 4-3, and we all enjoyed one of the traditional rites of summer, a night at the ballpark

Lights … Camera … Action …

Wednesday, August 26th, 2009

Molly's Leap Needing to test my (hopefully no longer) broken RSS feed for this blog, I’m back to share with you a few more images from this weekend. As the subject line indicates, this post is going to showcase some “action” shots, Specifically, stop-action. This technique grew out of my panoramic photography, which is essentially compositing multiple images together into one final scene. These particular images are of my nieces jumping into my parent’s pool, but any activity with horizontal and/or vertical motion is a great subject for the technique. I’ve used it in previous entries showing a cliff jumper and a baseball player sliding into home plate during an Oneonta Tigers game.

Megan hits the water

Looking for a little something different for your child’s (or your own, for that matter) sports photography? This may be just the thing.