A Winter Wonderland, at Last

February 25th, 2010

Despite all the snow that has fallen south of us this year, we’ve actually had very little here in Upstate New York. After a storm brought a couple of inches Tuesday night, a bigger storm started up yesterday afternoon and brought us our first significant snowfall of the season. I’ve been doing a Project 365/Photo of the Day project since the New Year, and decided to shoot a 360 VR as today’s image.

The Project 365 has been a personal project for me this year. The idea is to take and post one photo a day, every day, for one year. If you’d like to see what I’ve done so far and follow along, I have the images posted on my Flickr stream: http://www.flickr.com/photos/pecenco/sets/72157623006915725/.

Candlelight Evening at the Farmers Museum VR

January 1st, 2010

Conditions at this year’s Candlelight Evening at the Farmers Museum where less amenable to photography than they were in 2007, but I did set up and shoot a couple of VRs.  The one above was shot behind the chapel in a less trafficked area of the grounds, shortly after sunset.

Happy New Year!

January 1st, 2010


Some gratuitous bokeh, in my hastily slapped together midnight-ish photo. Here’s to a new year, and a new decade!

Edit: Leah suggested that I explain “bokeh” to all the non-photographers out there, so here it is: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bokeh

Happy Holidays

December 24th, 2009

Happy HolidaysFrom our home to yours, I would like to wish all of my Christmas celebrating readers a very Merry Christmas today, and a hope that all have joyous and wondrous holiday season.

Senior Portraits: Shirley

December 17th, 2009